Art Submission Guidelines for Screen Printing

Screen Printing Ready for Print:


Artwork must be in a vector file format (made of points and line segments, not pixels).  We work best with Corel Draw, or Portable Document File (.pdf) files.

All colors must be spot colors or you need to include references to Pantone Solid-Coated (PMS) colors in your submission.

All text must be converted to outlines or you need to include font files in your submission.

If possible, flatten and expand your artwork (no strokes, clipping masks, or layers).  Nobody likes to work with artwork that has a million tiny parts. 


Vector Artwork

 Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths. This results in artwork that is editable, scalable and able to be separated for spot color printing.

Common Vector Files: .ai .eps
​(These file types may also contain raster artwork)

Raster Artwork

 Raster artwork is an image created of many pixels. This results in artwork that is not editable, scalable or able to be separated for spot color printing. 

Common Raster Files: .bmp .jpg .png .psd .tif

 For Reference:

 We can work with most files types if we're just working from a reference.  Preferably we like to receive .jpg, .png, or .pdf files as these are the easiest to work with in our design programs.


Please don't submit Microsoft Word documents or similar, only graphic file types will be accepted. 


Please be sure that your file is at least 300 dpi.  Artwork with low resolution is very difficult to recreate.


There aren't many requirements for what kind of image your reference should be.  We've worked from pencil sketches, photographs, composite images, online



NOTE:  All artwork will be reviewed with you prior to any design services begin.  Please be aware that while we are immensely talented, we are only human and that there is no magic button that fixes resolution or un-blurs a photograph.  If you're willing to work with us, we're more than happy to do our best to provide you with the best product possible.

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