We are a small family-owned business headquartered in New York. We print and manufacture our products in house locations in order to provide you with the best selection of products. We specialize in customization and personalizing of products to give you the ability to have some something special to represent your sport, that nobody else on the planet will own. 

With a passion and background in sports ourselves, we have a mission to provide you with the highest quality products available, and always ensure your new gear has not only passed, but exceeded our quality-assurance testing before being sent out to you. In addition to being business owners, we are also consumers ourselves, so we will always have your back.

We welcome any questions, comments, or concerns 24/7 by contacting us at:


sets itself apart through its expertise in both manufacturing and distribution, With corporate headquarters in New York to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Raupa & fil  Apparel fabric is produced in the USA with sewing factories in New York This allows the flexibility in both manufacturing specifications and colors. This flexibility is important to many customers, since it can mean the difference between setting a trend and chasing one.